Wembley NA finalistsWembley NA finalists

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More tickets sold - More perks - More bonuses - More FUN!

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FN Dragon Lore Raffle
for ticket holders

FN Dragon Lore AWP skin


Super VIP Tour
Win a chance to go backstage and meet the stars


ECS Barber Shop
Get your hair cut by a pro player!


ECS 1,000 Cent Game
Pro players grilled in a quiz show


ECS Pros vs FPL Rookies
Showmatch live at Wembley


James and Dan Bus Tour of London

500 FN Dragon Lore raffle exclusive to ticket buyers

All ticket buyers will enter an exclusive raffle where one lucky person will receive AWP Dragon Lore (Factory New)! It will be presented to the winner live on stage at the ECS Season 3 Finals.

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AWP Dragon Lore
1000 Super VIP backstage tour

A selected few lucky ticket buyers will get to meet ECS Talent and pro players backstage during the ECS Season 3 Finals at the SSE Arena, Wembley.

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1500 ECS PRO player barber shop

Ticket buyers will be able to volunteer to get a haircut from their favourite pro players. It will be broadcasted live and you will get your own chat treatment!

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2000 Pro player quiz show

We will organize a quiz show during the ECS LAN Final in London. Your favourite players will be put their CS:GO and life knowledge to the test.

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2500 ECS Pros vs. FPL Rookies showmatch

We will fly out five FPL rookies to London, where they will play against five ECS Pros live on stage. It will be the first time for them to play on an major international LAN and perform in front of a large crowd. Shall we find out the next CS:GO superstar? Let’s find out!

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3000 London Bus Tour with Dan & James

Always wanted to see Buckingham Palace or the London Eye? You’re in luck, because your tour guides Dan & James know all about the attractions of London! 20 lucky ticket buyers will be invited to take a bus tour together with your favorite casting duo.

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